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           About Restoral

          Restoral, one of today’s most renowned fast food restaurants, was established in 2013, as a quiet place where anyone could eat a burger or have a pizza that they loved. Our dedication to customers and quality food helps us to reach more today.


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          Fast Delivery

          Everything you order at Restoral will be quickly delivered to your door.

          fresh food

          We use only the best ingredients to cook the tasty fresh food for you.

          experienced chefs

          Our staff consists of chefs and cooks with years of experience.

          a variety of dishes

          In our menu you’ll find a wide variety of dishes, desserts, and drinks.

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          PIZZA Day


          • Sandwich
          • Salad
          • Drink
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          Our Partners

          We are glad to offer our visitors high-quality burgers and pizzas, but we also believe our whole business couldn’t be successful without our partners.

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